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About Us

Our Story

The Buckwise collective was born in 2016, fusing synth pop and indietronica into fresh music that makes the most of emotional impact. The fascination with the music listened in adolescence and its relative melancholy, helped define musical trends. The desire to expand their musical conceptions has led the collective to sign with “La Rivolta Records,” with which they released two singles and later an entire album in 2019, with live tour dedicated in different parts of Italy.

In the following years, Buckwise developed a mastery of atmosphere that makes them perfect for synchronizations and obsessive rhythms with high beats. The forays into the field of soundtracks lead the collective to sign with the music production and publishing company “Bonimba,” with which they are currently working on the production of new tracks.

Sound & Live

The indie electronic ensemble, inspired by indietronica and synth pop, is brought on stage by real musical instruments, which are channeled into a new guise of sonic impact. Sometimes direct and restless, sometimes fresh or introspective, Buckwise’s sound is characterized by layered sound arrangements and simple, emotional melodies. On the stage, instruments are rotated among the elements, thus playing experimenting with overlapping sound solutions enriched by the catchiness of melodically catchy riffs and refrains. The lyrics, in English, are a point of view on the reality that surrounds us, almost always hermetic and difficult to decipher with an unambiguous interpretation. Sometimes in contrast with the melody they accompany, they are the product of suggestions arising from the musical part of the songs.

Collective Team

Roberto Matarrese

Voice, Electronics, Guitar, Bass

Nicola Galluzzi

Banjo, Trumpet, Synths

Lorenzo L’Abbate

Guitar, Piano, Bass, Voice

Francesco Lombardi

Guitar, Saxophone, Bass, Synth

Michele Granito

Drums, Voice


Bass, Beats, Synths


New Songs


Old Album